Technology for teaching - designed to inspire and encourage learning

As the world number one projector manufacturer, we never stop listening and working hard to give you the tools you need to make learning and teaching more interesting, more exciting and more rewarding.

Our printers, scanners and projectors are designed for the unique demands of the education environment, with robust construction for heavy usage and special security features. Powerful yet affordable, our products will enhance the learning experience whatever your budget.

From small classrooms to large lecture theatres, our large selection of projectors covers all teaching environments. The range includes short-throw projectors suitable for interactive whiteboards, and ultra-secure projectors with anti-theft packs. Projectors with network connectivity can be conveniently monitored from a single point on your network.

Our latest ultra-short-throw projectors make any classroom a more engaging place to learn. They project superb, clear images in any light conditions, are very easy to set up and use, and have the affordability to match tight educational budgets.

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